Next meeting on Monday 11th of December at 20:00

Is it a shame for a men to pray?

Does prayer change something in our relationship with God?

Last time we shared experience of relationship with Jesus in our life. During our last meeting before Christmas we want to go deeper in practice of prayer.

Please read before meeting: Psalm 25; Luke 18:9-14; Matthew 6:5-13; Romans 8:26-27; Catechism 2559-2565

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Exploring men’s spirituality by Dr. Phillip Chavez

Dr. Phillip Chavez combines over 25 years of pastoral ministry and study behind his ground-breaking work in men’s spirituality. He has been an international speaker in men’s development for several years, and has a doctorate from the University of the Holy Cross in Rome.

Dr. Chavez is the founder and president of Men’s Spirituality, International, an organization committed to teaching core truths about manliness in order that men can make solid progress in life, work, faith, and in all their relationships. His work can be found at

Men of St Joseph prayer

St. Joseph, help me to be like you.

Help me to be obedient to the teachings of the Church and faithful to God’s commands.

Help me to patiently endure my cross each day.

Let me be a model of holiness and a pillar of virtue.

I solemnly promise to embrace God’s will and I accept the challenge to work tirelessly for my family’s salvation.

Be my guide and companion on this journey.

St. Joseph, Terror of demons, pray for us.


For Christian brothers and fathers, who want
– to strive for a deeper knowledge of God and trust in Him (Jer 29:13)
– to discover their vocation as men according to God’s plan (Col 1,9-12).
– to help other men in the quest for the Truth. (Lk 22: 25n).
The group is not for you
– if you want to escape from the difficult reality of your life, especially your family problems.
– if you want to form a club of criticizers complaining about the “world” and our society.

72h program for 2017/2018
12 Open meetings (12 x 2h) – once a month in the Catholic Church in Arhus, (parish hall) from 20:00 to 22:00.

First meeting starts with a movie “Courageous” at 19:00 (finish around 23:00), on Monday 11 September 2017. Afterwards introduction to the program, sharing and discussion.

Mondays; 11-Sep- 2017, 9-Oct- 2017, 13-Nov- 2017, 11-Dec- 2017
Thursday 4-Jan- 2018, Monday 5-Feb- 2018, Thursday 1-Mar- 2018
Mondays; 2-Apr- 2018, 30-Apr- 2018, 28-May- 2018, 25-Jun- 2018

6h Conference with Bjørn Håkonsson: Saturday, 9-Dec- 2017

42h Retreat with Don Turbitt: Saturday-Sunday, 25-26 Maj 2018


f. Kris tel. + 45 87 30 70 44,

Hoa tel. +45 42 42 91 76,

Marcin tel. + 45 50 26 24 89

The Men of St. Joseph is an approved private Catholic men’s association, accordance with the Code of Canon Law (cc.299 section 3; 300-301)